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They Actually Do Have a Bridge to Sell You

Forget investing in the housing market. That's so last year. The hottest new investment opportunity: infrastructure. Last week, the libertarian think tank Reason Foundation gave us apolicy paper on the joys of public-private partnerships for our roads. To which commenter ubrayj02 responded with a link to this article in our favorite lefty rag, MotherJones, warning us of the dangers of privatizing our roads. Now that bastion of radical left-wing thinking, BusinessWeek, also chimes in. Ok, so maybe they're slightly more bullish than MoJo on private infrastructure investment, but the article does concede that higher tolls harm the poor and toll road workers lose the rich benefits of being a city employee. Next area ripe for privatization: the state lottery. And no, that's not a joke. It's actually being considered in NY right now.
· Roads to riches [BusinessWeek]
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