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Westwood Federal Building Making Way for Two More

The Westwood monolith also known as the Federal Building may face a date with a wrecking-ball to make way for two towers on the site. The FBI needs a new West Coast headquarters, and their current facilities in the Federal Building are not adequate from which to conduct witch hunts for dark skinned people. The original plan called for adding two buildings to the existing building, but the General Services Administration decided to throw NIMBYs and politicians a bone and downsize the plan:

The plan calls for the GSA to first build one 470,000-square-foot building near the existing Federal Building, where the FBI would have its headquarters. Then the Federal Building would be razed and a second twin tower would be constructed – perhaps by 2017 – that would also serve the FBI.

The FBI currently occupies nine floors of the 17-story Federal Building with various other federal agencies taking the rest. The employees at the other agencies would be moved elsewhere.This plan, of course, is still not satisfactory to people who like to complain. You guessed it: everyone is freaking over traffic congestion. And some residents have apparently become security experts too, citing an FBI-only building as an “increased security risk.” The GSA will release the environmental impact study later this month, after which it will pretend to listen to public comments and make a final decision on the plan.
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