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CurbedWire: Make Your Own Map

LOS ANGELES - Look out, Platial! Knowing our love for all things Google Maps, one of our readers has alerted us to Google's announcement that the company is opening up its maps for easier mashups by consumers. Also pretty cool: the new feature, that lets consumers create customized maps, also lets user embed video into the map. [CurbedWire Inbox/AP]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Last week the big retail real estate news was the listing of the Yamashiro and Magic Castle land. But that was last week. This week, a reader lets us know more landmark land is for sale, a little further west. The Key Club on the Strip (once upon a time very long ago it was known as Gazzari's) is listed for $11,475,000. The club itself is not for sale, just the land. [CurbedWire Inbox/CBRE Listing]

LOS FELIZ - Are there more parking woes in store for residents of Los Feliz and East Hollywood? One reader writes in to complain about proposed parking restrictions:

A group of Los Feliz residents have banded together to propose permit parking for their little pocket from east of Edgemont, west to Normandie, north of Franklin up to Los Feliz Blvd. This adversely affects the rest of the neighborhood, especially on street sweeping days. As a resident of one of the blocks below the proposed area, I know this will mean more headaches for us. Parking is already near impossible here. And it's a puzzling request because most of the homes and units that this would affect already have their own driveways. So is it just a "nimby" thing? Did someone get all bent out of shape because someone parked in front of his house one too many times?

I know there are better ways to solve our parking problems; I've even talked about them to our councilman's office, but it is too expensive to build a garage. (But it is not expensive to pay the salaries of the very dogged parking enforcement agents that patrol the streets day and night ... don't get me started.)

Apparently concerned residents are meeting on April 10th at 7pm at 3201 Riverside Drive for a community meeting to air their grievances. [CurbedWire Inbox]