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Ugly Building Contest Update: None

While we wait to receive the results from our beautiful judges, we're happy to share with you most if not all of the entries that we received for our Ugliest Building Contest. We'll post these until we announce the winner next week. Stay tuned for more exciting details.

18900 S. Vermont, Los Angeles, CA 90248
READER SUBMITTAL: "Heres a real gem: the Corporate Finance Center, on 190th st between vermont, the 110, and the 405. By all accounts this building should be in gardena or carson but is actually in incorporated L.A. Oddly enough, the screwy nature of L.A.'s city limits actually works to my advantage in this case. Little breath needs to be wasted on this building; suffice it to say that it looks like a failed high school geometry project and serves as a powerful antidote to any nostalgia one might feel for the 70s. I don't know the address but have marked it on a map. i really don't care about the pizza or the prize, just so long as the sheer ugliness of this thing is brought to light."