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Not Very Hygienic Living Situation

A busy attractive hedge fund guy with spelling problems will rent you a room for $110/a month or $150/a month. He can't seem to decide on the price. He doesn't specify, but we'll bet he's looking for a female roommate. There's just one catch:

"Now heres the deal. I an attractive 26 year old guy. However, I am a hedge fund investor and I barley have time outside of the office. And I am looking for companionship. I am not asking for sex, I am asking for you to have dinner with me once in a while, do some cleaning, and every once in a while sit around talking to me naked / in underwear. The rent is $150 a month plus deposit, you are also responsible for your share of the utilities. If you are interested please email a little about yourself and a photo(s)."
· $110 Large Apt only $110 a month intresting deal []