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Sun Mun Fun

[All photos by Bryce Duffy of Dwell Magazine]

Sometimes when we read Dwell magazine, we feel like we've read the same magazine over and over again about 100 times. Every month, its the same old thing. Recycled old growth Northern California wood! Green Dream Houses! Big City, Little Loft! So it was with gratitude that we saw this month's cover story, literally infusing the magazine with a little color.

Dan Bernier, owner of the loft featured on the cover of this month's Dwell, alerted us to his recent renovation of a former restaurant/punk club on Sun Mun Way in Chinatown. And we have to admit, we're a bit taken with the bold colors, the high ceilings, and the adjacent apartment for the grandparents.
· Sun Mun Way Cool [Dwell]