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L.A. Public Transit Inspires Pop Song

Celebrities really are like us! For one, they look at public transportation and sometimes find it inspirational. Talentless pop “star” Hilary Duff recently offered her musings about the difficulties of taking public transit in L.A.:

"There was this song I was thinking about writing once. It was raining and I was in my car and I saw these people waiting for the bus and it made me really sad. Public transportation is pretty cool anywhere else, but in Los Angeles it sucks. "And on top of that, it was raining. I was like, they probably worked all day long and then they're riding the bus, and it's raining. Things like that can affect you - I didn't end up writing a song about it, though."

That was amazing. Yes, Hilary, waiting for the bus in the rain does suck. Maybe the MTA can get her to do some promo.
· Hilary Duff's Rain Song [AZ Central]