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Beckingham Palace Watch... Downtown?

It's not over yet! That Bel Air mansion may not be enough for our favourite house-hunting immigrant couple. Posh and Becks may be purchasing a pied a terre downtown.

During an awards ceremony last week hosted by the Downtown Breakfast Club, the 400-member audience was told that the Beckhams have purchased a condo at the recently opened Biscuit Company Lofts in the Industrial District. Representatives of developer Linear City would not comment on the report, but several sources have told Los Angeles Downtown News that the soccer player has indeed looked at the site.We can’t really envision Posh maneuvering her skeletal body around the homeless camped out on the sidewalks. Who started this rumor, anyway?
· Are Posh and David Heading Downtown? [Downtown News]

Biscuit Lofts

1850 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA