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Norwalk Residents Pissy, Officials Happy

"It pisses me off to no end." We love it when newspapers don't tinker with quotes. That's Daniel Rojas speaking about how I-5 expansion plans will destroy both his home and his parent's place in Norwalk. (There's also a photo of a clearly pissed off-looking Rojas.)

About 20 total homes, including Rojas', are being bulldozed (six homes have already been demolished) as part of an expansion plan to widen the 5 Freeway to 10 lanes. According to the Press-Telegram, Caltrans is paying residents market value for the houses, as well as relocating costs.

For their part, city officials sounded pretty pumped about the expansion plans at yesterday's kicking-off ceremony. Their concern is bottleneck: 228,000 vehicles now pass through the region, and that's expected to increase to 275,000 by 2020, Grace Napolitano, D-Santa Fe Springs, tells the newspaper.
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