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EaterTastings: Famima!! Why Did You Have to Go So Soon?

Psst! Did you find the Afikomen yet? No? We can't finish dinner without it, you know! This week is marked by two great tastes that taste great together: matzah and cadbury mini eggs. Mmmm...Well, if you're not going carb-free for god or glazing a ham this week, here's what's going on in our great city, foodwise.

1) For some reason, we just can't reconcile a restaurant that wants to be considered "authentic" japanese with ninjas swinging from the ceiling. Call us crazy.

2) Democracy in action! Exercise your inalienable voting rights. At Zagat.

3) Ooh goody! More maps mashups! This time, find any fast food joint across Los Angeles. We clearly need more Wendy's.

4) First James Beard barely pays us any mind, now Food & Wine neglects LA completely. Not a single Best New Chef from our environs. At least San Diego has the "Barack Obama of gastronomic figures." Awesome quote.

5) A moment of silence please. Our first Famima!! goes to the great convenience store in the sky. We're currently going through the Five Stages of Grief. Why, oh why, couldn't it have been a Pinkberry?