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CurbedWire: Happy Easter Weekend

BEVERLYGROVE - Citizen of the Month blogs tells us that although Cedars-Sinai may have a fancy new critical care unit (the Saperstein Critical Care Tower), its lacking in a few areas such as basic signage. "As you can see from the above photo, the $110 million dollar facility may be “state-of-the-art,” but someone forgot to put up a sign telling patients and their families which building it is and WHERE THE ENTRANCE IS LOCATED." [CurbedWire/Citizen of the Month]

BURBANK - We hear from one of those people in the know that yes, the horses have finally stamped out the life of the Whole Foods. Our last post on March 15th seemed to leave the door open for a smaller-ish Whole Foods to move into horse country. However after internal deliberations, the idea was nixed and plans withdrawn by WF. No healthy foods for you, Burbank. [CurbedWire Eardrum]

SAN PEDRO - A reader sends us linkage to news of a new massive development set to make the hearts of San Pedroans go pitter-patter. A new $110 million dollar mixed use project with "an 18-story high-rise residential tower, 4,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and commercial space and 32 brownstone-style flats and townhome condos on 1.6 acres at Palos Verdes and Fifth Streets" formally titled "Urban Village at Palos Verdes Street" has received approval from the City to go forward. As our reader puts it "New development in San Pedro wins owners at the Vue sh*t their pants!" [CurbedWire/CoStar]