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CurbedWire: More Dirty Rumors

HOLLYWOOD - One of those emails that rocks our sushi world. "Just wondering if you heard that the property for Yamashiro, The Magic Castle, Magic Castle Hotel and the Hollywood Hills Hotel (loving called "The Hill") are for sale by the current owner. [Team Lustig-Bower at CBRE] have the listing. It's steps from the H&H and acres of land!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

BEVERLY GROVE - A new mixed-use concrete box has gone up just off of Beverly Boulevard, reports the blog Blackburn & Sweetzer. Via the blog: "The 1,500 square-foot loft spaces - not sure how many are available - are also now available, each billed as a "dramatic two level loft with 18-foot exposed truss ceiling, patio, skylight, fully air-conditioned, Jacuzzi tub, with high-end kitchen appliances". The cost to get loft-y on Beverly? It's leasing for $5,100/month. And I thought the three-bedroom apartment rental down the street was insanely over-priced at $3,500/month." [CurbedWire Inbox/Blackburn & Sweetzer]

HOLLYWOOD - We're an equal opportunity hack for fine frozen yogurt establishments. Via a reader: "a new frozen yogurt place, CANTALOOP, opened up over the weekend. they're on the corner of hollywood & la brea, for folks in the neighborhood who are too lazy to drive down to the pinkberry on melrose. the yogurt is so-so, kinda icy, but the toppings are superb -- lots of unique stuff like mochi bits and goji berries, on top of the standard fruit, chocolate chips, fruity pebbles, etc." [CurbedWire Inbox]