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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Hollywood Terror Tower

Thanks for the comment help this week. If you have more questions about development going up or coming down, try emailing us at We'll answer.

[Hollywood Tower Terrace - elevations/ click to make it grow]

1) Miracle Mile: Hey Miracle Mile, Patty Cake Fan too says you're getting some mixed use development: "New 6-story, 20-unit Apartment / Retail mixed use bldg. [Type I construction of 2-level basement and 1st floor Parking Garage (S3 occupancy), 4,000 sqft Retail (M occupancy) space at 1st floor, with 5-story of Type III-1hr, R1 occupancy above."

2) Hollywood: Wow. We checked online and Planning now has the elevations and site plan for the Hollywood Towers II aka Hollywood Tower Terrace project up and viewable (See them here). Would you believe 5 stories (72 feet above grade) with four levels of parking below grade. 126 condo units, 399 parking spaces, no retail. David Forbes Hibbert, AIA is listed as the architect. Can we be the first to say that traffic is going to be horrendous. How will our children be able to play in the street? Arghh. Not in my back yard. We're starting a protest Web site tonight.

3) Downtown: Commenter Gentrification Drone (possibly a pseudonym for Carol Schatz), offers this renaissance walk of Downtown: "For a downtown "renaissance" walk and in the interest of not keeping the faint of heart downtown too long, I would recommend starting at Angelique where Spring and Main split, at 9th. They're good for brunch, and then walking North on Spring to 4th. Lots of loft conversions going on along Spring and periphery. Hang a right on 4th to Main, and there are galleries/boutique stores you can attempt to window shop at. Lost Souls is a good cafe on 4th between Spring and Main, or Pete's at the corner of 4th and Main, or across the street there is a small market where you can get your ground Illy espresso and a copy of Glamour magazine. Either turn back here, or continue North on Main to 2nd and hang another right and continue East a couple blocks to check out Little Tokyo, which is "downtown" as far as I'm concerned. This leg may add another 3/4 to 1 mile to your walk, so see how you feel about it at that point. Have fun!"

4) Los Angeles: LA CityNerd has a listing of statues he has done on his weblog which he helpfully reminds us about with linkage. Thanks Mr. Nerd.

5) Culver City: We dug around a little and while there are countless mentions of Westfield's intent to create a Grove-esque atmosphere at Westfield Fox Hills, we haven't seen when or how. We're still kind of poking around so something may turn up.

6) West LA: It's a no-go on the enclave of Valley homes in West LA. Maybe a rogue developer? While on the CA Boom home tour we also saw some Chatsworth style Tuscan delights in West LA. It's hard to determine why some neighborhoods developed as they did unless you look at property records that go way back. We're assigning Cary this task.

If you have further questions, please email us.