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Stucco Love/Hate

Ah, the good years. Predicting that stucco will eventually come back in style, a column in the LA Times today looks at developers' love of stuff in the 80s.

From Palmdale to Temecula, builders kept spraying on the stucco like a high-school guy desperately dousing his pits with Right Guard after gym class. If the state's helicopter fleet hadn't been tied up raining malathion on Medflies, I'm sure Gov. George Deukmejian would have ordered massive aerial stucco drops to hasten the pace of housing construction.Across town, the Echo Park Historical Society is probably enraged at the piece--the group "considers the 'stuccoing' of wood shingled and clapboard bungalows and buildings as the No. 1 threat to [the] neighborhood's historic fabric." The group holds workshops on how to de-stucco your home, according to its "Say No to Stucco" web site.
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