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Take Away Home

The M-House, designer/architect/artist Michael Jantzen's prefab structure in Gorman, CA is being auctioned off by Chicago-based auction house Wright 20. As the land isn't available, the house will be moved and re-assembled once sold, Jantzen tells us, adding the auction house expects the home to sell for between $200,000-$300,000.

Architect-speak via Wright 20's web site: "The M-house is a retreat environment composed of modular elements from the M-vironment system developed by artist Michael Jantzen. The system includes a variety of rectangular components that can be configured in many different ways, creating customized structures that accommodate a range of needs and uses. Connected by hinges, the panels can be manipulated and moved to fit changing day-to-day requirements." In other words: "The sculpture can be used as a guesthouse, pool house, studio or pavilion."
· Michael Jantzen [Official Site]
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