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CurbedWire: Other Blogs Do the Heavy Lifting

[picture of Bartlett Building firetruck by Eric Richardson]

DOWNTOWN - Eric of Blogdowntown emails us regarding the Bartlett Building crisis. He has pics of the fire engine sitting in front of the building. He also reports that it's not an LAFD truck, but is a private engine. More of course posted on Blogdowntown, here. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE - Emailer Brittney sends us word of "dog park wackos" turning on neighbors. Via her boyfriend's blog we learn that some in the Silver Lake dog park community have been ratting out drivers using a Duane Street cut through to get from the 2 Freeway to Silver Lake. Cops are cracking down and ticketing, and one in particular woman dog owner is responsible. Reports the persecuted driver: "I am now unable to make a left hand turn off of Duane Street between certain hours of the day, certain days of the week. What is more fucked up is that the Dog Park people were involved in trying to bring me to justice. I can only assume that this lady is also a Dog Park lady. Regardless it is my feeling that folks that Live in the neighborhood should be able to turn whichever way they feel. It is also my opinion that people in Silver Lake with Dogs are Assholes." [CurbedWire Inbox/cowosucks]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Boi from Troy alerts us that he has uncovered the plot by H&M to locate itself in the Sunset Millenium project. He writes his findings on his blog: "There is a sign up at the Sunset Millenium telling UPS and FedEx to deliver packages for H&M through the Alta Loma dock. That, to me, is enough to CONFIRM the rumor. H&M is coming to West Hollywood!" [CurbedWire Inbox/Boi From Troy]