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Lake Machado Monster Resurfaces

ABC7 is reporting that local celebrity and deadly monster, Reggie the Alligator has reappeared in Harbor City's Lake Machado. After rampant speculation that the lake's pollution had killed Reggie, we're happy to see he's alive and not a mutant half-man/half-gator hybrid. Via abc7:

The alligator was seen at the southern end of the lake Monday afternoon.It had been more than a year since he was last seen. Several gator wranglers tried unsuccessfully to catch Reggie after he was illegally dumped in the water. Reggie has grown since his last appearance, a park ranger estimates he is now seven feet long. We're glad to see Reggie is back, and hope he doesn't eat anyone's baby. [image of Reggie via Save Reggie blog]
· Reggie the Alligator Resurfaces in Harbor City [abc7]