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Reyner Banham Explores LA

An enterprising reader lets us know about this 1972 BBC documentary with architecture critic Reyner Banham learning to drive on the right side of the road exploring Los Angeles. Writes our reader:

It's a documentary featuring the architectural historian Reyner Banham (as well as Ed Ruscha and other local artists) driving through some of the more unique architectural and cultural landmarks of the city as it was in 1972. It sounds a bit dry, and it probably is, but like that ozo video, it captures the vibe of our city beautifully.

Unfortunately, the only extant copy of the video I could find to dupe online was a rather beat-up VHS recording of a film copy, so the quality is a bit lacking.

Some background on Reyner Banham (who is kind of like the Hunter S. Thompson of architectural critics, if you can imagine such a thing):

Reyner Banham