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Rumblings & Bumblings: Mysteries of LA

We have a selection of questions this week, some new and some that have probably been discussed or alluded to previously, but they all need answers. Now is the time to show how much you know and participate by emailing us at so that we can continue to bring you quality programming like R&B, PriceSpotter and PriceChopper every week.

[image of statue at Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels from flickr user joits]

1) Miracle Mile: "what [is] going on in the former empty lot at the corner of Fairfax and Orange Street (next to the 99 Cents Store parking lot) in the Miracle Mile area. They've recently amped up construction, but we have no clue what's going on in there!"

2) Hollywood: This is a townhouse development, we believe we heard. Renderings anyone?? "A row of houses were recently torn down on Franklin between Vista Del Mar and Gower- across from the the Best Western/101 diner. They have cleared the whole lot and are building something new. Any idea what it is?"

3) Downtown: Here ya go, Downtown boosters. "I try to take the Gold line downtown every once in a while and walk around. I've taken a Conservancy walking tour, gone to the Cathedral, walked Cal Plaza, Central Library, the new Cal Trans building and Broadway and used the men's room at the Biltmore, etc. What I'm wondering is which street or streets have the densest concentration of the "downtown renaissance?" If I were to bring an out-of-towner to show them around, where is the area I could walk and have some choices for coffee, lunch or a drink? I'd like to find something that lasts more than a half block before it is over run with homeless people or post apocalyptic buildings. I want to show the transitional stuff too, but I'd like to have a destination."

4) Los Angeles: After we finish our book on sidewalk sofas we'll tackle the subject of public statues. "have you all at LA Curbed ever tackled the subject of outdoor public statues in L.A.? They range from the bronze figure of a newspaper boy in the Westlake district to a bust of Viking explorer Leif Erikson in, of all places, Griffith Park. Is there anyone there who could offer insights? For instance, does anyone have a complete list of L.A.'s statues? How are they maintained and cared for? In this car-centric city, where few people notice anything, does anyone even know they exist?"

5) Culver City: We have nothing. Maybe a kindly reader has some news. "Do you know or have any information on the rumored redo of the Westfield Fox Hills Mall?"

6) West LA: Hmmm. An enclave of Valley homes in West LA?? "Near the intersection of Ocean Park and Centinela, just east of the border with Santa Monica, theres a small tract of homes nestled around a cul de sac. I believe the name of the street is Sunset Park Way. Anyways, the homes look like they were built in the 80s and definitely would fit much better in Northridge rather than West LA. Do you know how these houses ended up here? My guess is that this was a patch of land once owned by the nearby airport and somehow came across the hands of a developer who wanted to put in suburban housing. Much of the stretch west of these homes along Ocean Park is also very suburban in nature (and in the city limits of Santa Monica to boot). I don't get it, even though I do like the happy hour at the nearby El Torito."