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On the Market: Smallsville in Eagle Rock

Last month we saw $399,000 for a 599 SF in San Pedro. Today, we present you with a charming, "back on the market", 644 SF craftsman (possibly constructed with Lincoln Logs) going for a very affordable $450,000. Unfortunately, there are no images of the home's interior, but the listing does describe "two nicely sized bedrooms." The home, purchased in 2005 for $315,000 has appreciated substantially. The sky's the limit for this beauty. Other benefits: "Patio big enough for a sit down family BBQ." Family is loosely defined as single individual with cat.
What/Where: Single Family Home, Eagle Rock
Sq. Footage: 644 SF on a 1,420 SF lot
Retail Price: $450,000
· 4630 WESTDALE AVE , Eagle Rock, CA 90041 []