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CurbedWire: New Landmarks and Free Stuff

WESTSIDE - Let the movie theater wars begin. Variety profiles the soon-to-open Landmark multiplex theater at the Westside Pavilion. In addition to reserved seating, the Landmark will also have a wine bar, free parking, sofa seating in some theaters, did we mention free parking, and will serve pizza from Pizza Rustica of Beverly Hills. Not to be left out, North Hollywood's new 7-screen Laemmle Theater is set to open next year and the AMC Universal CityWalk theater is going through a refreshening with promises of the "widest stadium style seating available in the U.S." [Variety/ previously on Curbed]

WOODLAND HILLS - Rumors abound in Woodland Hills that a certain British retailer has been snooping around looking for a location in the Warner Center area. More specifically, the Circuit City on Canoga Ave, which is going out of business, has received inquiries from Tesco's Fresh and Easy. It would be Tesco's first confirmed location in the Valley if things actually pan out. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DISNEYLAND - While Disneyland continues to tussle with it's neighbors in Anaheim (we might have forgotten to post about that), we're happy to report that for once Disney is giving something away for free. The Broke Hoedown blog links up to free downloadable music from Disney parks hosted on a Paris Disney web site. The lineup of downloads changes weekly so act quick - this week includes the Monorail spiel and the Frontierland area music.