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Walgreens Gets "Slap" Happy with WeHo

Walgreens has done the unthinkable. They've figuratively slapped the face of all WeHo residents with one giant hand. Residents, unwilling to take a slap lying down, are now massing in protest over Walgreens proposed eviction of tenants at its proposed new mixed-use project at Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights. Even though ground breaking is as much as 18 months away, Walgreens has issued 30 day eviction notices to longtime tenants Marco’s Italian Restaurant, Top Hat Cleaners, West Hollywood Printing, Tasty Donuts and West Hollywood Beauty Supply. Tenants say they're being bullied by Walgreens because they "made trouble" for them by having petitions out asking for help. Via the WeHo News:

Norma Kemper, head of the West Hollywood Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association, said at a meeting of the neighbors to plan their response that the early evictions and reasons given for it were “a slap in West Hollywood’s, the neighborhood’s and the merchant’s’ faces.” The face slapping analogy continues in a response from a Walgreens' spokesperson. "We completely disagree with any suggestion that Walgreens intends any action as a "slap" to merchants and neighbors. On the contrary, we intend for the community to benefit from this development." Tenants are now appealing to Walgreens to let them stay on the site longer, with the promise that they'll be good and take future face slapping without argument.
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