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Holly Trolley to Combat Parking Folly?

With valet prices inching ever skyward in Hollywood, the L.A. Department of Transportation is hoping the Holly Trolley, its somewhat anemic orange trolley bus, will finally catch on with clubgoers, like the party animals pictured above (Hi Eric!). To promote the trolley, the LADOT is offering free rides throughout the month of May. And if you show your Holly Trolley receipt at Hollywood and Highland, parking is just $6 for the night. Launched over a year ago, the Holly Trolley seems to be suffering from poor advertising and awareness, since we don't think the $1 fare was keeping riders away. The bus is supposed to run every 12 minutes and the route runs from H&H (so you won't have to suffer the aesthetic indignity of spending too much time with giant concrete elephants and capri-wearing tourists) down Hollywood Blvd to Cahuenga along to the Pantages theater and circling back around again. The route can be found here.