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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: The Broadstone

We'll get to the bottom of the Eat-a-Pita mystery if it's the last thing we do. Could a kind soul in the planning department do some snooping on 465 North Fairfax? Thanks. Also, if you have tips, comments, or important questions for next week please email us at

[The Broadstone, on the 110]

1) Downtown: The wood-framed "monstrosity" being built abutting the 110 freeway, west of Downtown is "the Broadstone Los Angeles apartment building. Visit for info on other Broadstone projects (Broadstone LA/Hollywood sites have no further information except "Coming Winter 2007".)" Commenter Rico A also shares the above rendering of the Broadstone. More importantly, the for lease development will include units between 500-1,500 SF with rents between $1,275 and $4,125. says 204 market-rate units.

2) Little Tokyo: Ministers of downtown, Eric Richardson and Brady Westwater, answer in regards to the dirt lot north of First, east of Alameda, south of Temple. Firstly, from the comments, Brady says: "The north side of the First and Alameda property will be a fire station and the emergency operations HQ for the City of Los Angeles. The rest of the property which was where the jail and Parker Center was going to go - but which was stopped after 54 community meetings just counting the ones I found in my datebook after the fact - will likely be sold to a private developer who will build a transit oriented, community serving mixed use development. But there have already been a number of meeting on what should be built on the site and they will have to work closely with both the Arts District and Little Tokyo and some park space will likely be involved.

The other interesting news is that the land was bought by revenue from the Downtown parking fund so we need to make certain money goes into developing parking facilities in Downtown after they sell the land." And Eric provides nice photos, which we featured yesterday, of the City Government bunker where the brain trust of our City, and Jack Weiss, will go if and when disaster strikes.

3) Hollywood: We noticed the tarps and fences go up around the Sunset Hollywood & Vine Red Line site which always signals to us either dead bodies or new construction. Commenter Serp confirms activity is related to the W Hollywood: "The demolition of the asphalt parking lots and the removal of trees, fences and light poles and the W Hotel site in Hollywood in in full swing. There are currently several large back-hoes and other earth removing equipment there at this very moment. I think they started about two weeks ago. The entire construction site has been surrounded with one of those temporary green construction fences."

4) Hollywood: While walking around Hollywood & Highland snapping photos for that contest thing we did, we also looked for any signs of work that might hint at the Hollywood H&M. No signage to be seen anywhere, but as you may recall, the Hamburger Hamlet, future site of the H&M, shuttered in January. It will probably take a while to get the beef smell out of the building.

5) Fairfax: We're stymied by the Eat-a-Pita restaurant closure. As far as we can tell the property is still under the ownership of Catwoman Julie Newmar, and city records show no recent planning cases for the property. As Ms. Newmar might say, "It's a purrrfect mystery."

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