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Cottage 411

A loyal Curbed reader passes on this Craigslist posting about a 1898 cottage at 2219 Ocean Ave in Santa Monica in need of saving.

The elderly gentleman who lived there for many years left it to a university foundation when he died, intending it as a faculty retreat. Even though the Santa Monica Landmarks Commission designated the Cottage as a landmark, the Foundation has appealed this decision to the city council with the intent to overturn the landmark status and instead demolish it.

Knowing nothing about this cottage, we nevertheless blindly pass on news of its pending demise. For no good reason, the picture makes us want some lemonade and a hand fan.

UPDATE: LA Frog alerts us to more information on the cottage. Apparently, it's owned by the University of Illinois Foundation. "Though of no extraordinary architectural value, it is part of the city's history, and the design of its time," write LA Frog, who has more pics and a link to a (nasty PDF) Santa Monica Daily Press story about the cottage.
· Save the Cottage !! [Craigslist]