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CurbedWire: Tuna Pizza

TEMPLE CITY - Wow, a CurbedWire report from Temple City. Who'da thunk it. A reader forwards us deets on the housing options at the Piazza Las Tunas project we mentioned years ago. "The condos are a 1 level luxurious and very high-end condo approx 1000sq ft and are going for $500 per sq ft. The condo includes, 1 bedroom + a den ( the den can be turned into a 2nd bedroom), 2 full bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a balcony, and 2 parking spaces which is separated from the shopping center. The plaza also includes elegant extra amenities such as media room, library room, and a clubhouse which includes a gourmet kitchen where small parties can be held." If that doesn't sell you, the convenient brochure map also identifies nearby businesses including Blockbuster, EZ Lube, Radio Shack and Applebee's. [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Valley - Angry reader Carl, or as we refer to him "Angry Carl," emails us in regards to a dig someone took at the Valley during the Ugly Building Contest. He writes: ""How about an aerial shot of the Valley?" Capital V of course. Are there any other valleys? Yes, the small v ones. How clever and imaginative it is to insult the valley, to insult all at once in one clever question! How about an anal shot of the westside cretin who posed the question? How cavernous it must be! How empty with stench, how shallow and full of itself, how pathetic and precious! How west El Lay!" Oh, Angry Carl. What will you say next? [CurbedWire Inbox]