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Rumblings & Bumblings: Fully Rumbled

We're hella busy with our daytime job. Stupid daytime shift at Shakey's. However, you can help us out by emailing answers comments and more questions to us at We've gotta go bus table 12 now.

[Dirt lot at First/Alameda, Little Tokyo]

1) Downtown: This question is so easy, we'll answer it with our eyes closed. "What is this monstrosity they are building practically ON west side the 110 Freeway in Downtown? The windows of the building are literally on the freeway no more than 5 feet from it. I don't believe you guys have covered this new development."

2) Little Tokyo: "What's this construction south of Temple, north of First, east of Alameda, and west of Vignes? I haven't heard of anything going in on this formerly very large open parcel. DCBID's Downtown LA map lists it as a "City of Los Angeles" parcel. I have to assume this is some sort of Gold Line support building, but it looks large from the aerial (see above). I'll check it out tomorrow as I live in the much-scorned Mozaic Apartments a block away, but I wanted to see if you have any info.This parcel was the original location of where the new LAPD Headquarters was supposed to go (I think)..."

3) Hollywood: Don't want to spend over $1000/sf, eh? we know this place in Temple City..."W Hotel at Hollywood & Vine... I drove by there on Saturday and I didn't see any recent activity. I was on there interest list, went to the interest parties but I can't or won't spend over $1,000.00 per sq. ft. Do you have any update?"

4) Hollywood: The second wave of H&M's should be opening soon, right? A reader wants to know: "I know, I know...rehash...but any word on the H & M that was supposed to open on Hollywood Blvd?"

5) Fairfax: We've accidentally overlooked this question for the past few weeks. Sorry. "I have a quick question....Do you know what is happening to the old Eat-a-Pita lot on the southwest corner of Fairfax Ave. and Rosewood Ave.? I live around the corner and was walking by the other day and I noticed a sign posted to a tree that said something about a 3 story mixed-use project....hmmm!"