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Tastings at Whole Foods

Nothing like an announcement from Whole Foods to perk up a dull Tuesday afternoon! The following email from just arrived in our InBox:

Greetings, Curbed LA!...We are starting a series of dinners at our Fairfax and 3rd store called "Fridays at Fairfax," the first in a series of five course dinners which will begin this Friday, April 27th in the Café area. These are small, intimate dinners at the store to bring people together and taste new foods and wines....Cost for the dinner moving forward will be $60...

5 Course Menu For This Friday:
1st course: Kampachi sashimi with wasabi hollandaise and basil and chive oil coupled with ahi poke
2nd course: A burrata cheese/heirloom tomato salad with balsamic reduction
3rd course: Spring seven vegetable soup
4th course: Curried baby hen stuffed with Israeli cous cous pilaf
5th course: Chocolate soufflé
Each course is accompanied with wine or either flat or sparkling waters. In addition, fresh hearth baked breads, compound butters, marinated olives, pickled vegetables and a signature Whole Foods Market Fairfax "Fridays at Fairfax" gift bag.

This first Whole Foods "tasting" is just a press run/guest only thing so DO NOT SHOW UP on Friday and try and stuff a hen down your pants. More "tastings" will follow on future Fridays. But apparently, there will be a 20-person rsvp limit for each event, so it is very exclusive! Go get a hair cut if you want to try and get in the doors at Whole Foods.