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CurbedWire: Koreatown's Supermarket Sweep

KOREATOWN - K-town gets an upscale Ralphs. One reader writes in to let us know K-town residents now have a brand-spankin' new Ralphs, and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf within. And more importantly, Cheesecake: The construction of the Koreatown Ralphs market at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue has been completed. A neighborhood soft opening was held Friday night, and there has been a celebration this past weekend for the general public. It's amazing to see a Fresh Fare-grade market in the inner city. The Ralphs is a vast improvement over the old traditional store design. Some of the major changes:
· Beige and green motif throughout the store, as opposed to white and green
· Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf counter
· The hot case has tremendously improved. Besides carrying fried and rotisserie kitchen, the case now has several meats including sweet bourbon tri-tip and pork loin available, a la carte or in sandwiches or plates.
· The bakery now has individually sliced cheesecakes.
· Ralphs now has a pharmacy near the produce section.[CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - A delusional reader lets us know Hot Fuzz is the next great planning movie, but we find the entire email a bit suspect, especially when she refers to the film as a "non-stop action packed comedy." We saw it, too, and it felt...long. And...not so funny. But we are nothing if not accommodating to readers with poor taste in British comedies: "Last night I was able to catch the midnight screening of Hot Fuzz Not only is it a non-stop action packed comedy, there is also a series of planning and development themes throughout the film including community development/participation, the two city paradigm and the role of law enforcement. I even think Hot Fuzz might be the best planning movie since Chinatown, oh wait, that is the only other planning movie." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE - Artist David Jonason will have a month-long exhibit of his new paintings Ghettogloss Gallery that feature the iconic Modernist architecture of Silver Lake, including the holy trinity of Richard Neutra, Rudolf Schindler, and Gregory Ain. The opening reception is this Saturday, the 28th. [CurbedWire Inbox]