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Storefonting: Abbott Kinney Gentrification Continues

Tasha over at Blackburn and Sweetzer packed an emergency bag, bottled water, and a flare gun and managed to make the excursion to Abbott Kinney in Venice to check out new retail changes to the super-crazy-gentrified street. (We think Abbott Kinney jumped the shark as soon as Strange Invisible Perfumes opened.) Good name for a band, sure. Terrible name for a...perfume shop). What did she learn? Abbott Kinney is better on a cloudy day, Venetians (do we call them that?) aren't early birds, and Culver City is the new Venice. The latest to make the move: mid century furniture store French 50s-60s is downsizing to make room for a new restaurant and owner Michele Sommerlath is moving her wares to 9608 Venice Boulevard in Culver City called Galerie Sommerlath. Could the new restaurant be the upscale pizza place that the diner we met at Mozza alluded to? Or is that the mysterious El Vino? But for every loss to Culver City, Abbott Kinney gains a new shop. While we doubt Amoeba has anything to worry about, Equator Books is expanding with Equator Vinyl. How quaint and retro. Tasha charts the sartorial, domestic and epicurial ups and downs of Abbott Kinney here.
· Sojourn to Abbot Kinney, An Update [Blackburn and Sweetzer]