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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: A Shower of Knowledge

Sadly no poems about the Glass Tower this week, and we even encouraged you. If you have questions for next week or updates please email us at We'll listen!

[model of Glass Tower via the Glass Tower web site]

1) Pico-Union: In answer to the question about the homes moving from Arapahoe to just off Alvarado, we get this linkage from LottaLiving poster Nichols with a 2006 explanation: "That reminds me of some research I did a coupla weeks ago on a great big Craftsmanish mansion at 987 Arapahoe (Olympic near Alvarado) that was about to be moved. It was built by this J. Jevne, who ran a huge successful grocery downtown - I'm sure a direct competitor to Ralphs - and then he died and his ne'er-do-well son took it over.. Anyway, two cool old houses on the site bought for development and some community activists got them donated and moved somewhere south on Alvarado (near 12th) and they will be restored as a community center. Neat." And from semprini in the comments: "The two move-on buildings were originally located just around the corner at 981 and 987 Arapahoe Street, which is a really fun word to say. ARAPAHOE!"

2) North Hollywood: Haha. Commenter MaSRade offers this insight into the dormant NoHo Tower on Lankershim which isn't quite ready, maybe. "A quick comment on the NoHo tower; while the building has appeared dormant (and nearly complete) for almost a year, I can confirm construction workers show up, and pretend to work each morning. Had workers been doing actual construction, the building would have probably been finished eons ago..." We should note, that the tower is scheduled "to be completed in 2007" giving them some wiggle room.

3) Downtown: The Glass Tower developer emails us and points us in the direction for new renderings. oohh.... glassy. He also says "Its quite possibly the most impressive residential project the area has ever seen." We like developers who make bold statements like that. He also offers to answer any questions we have on the project, so we open this up to readers too. If you got a question for Mr. Glass Tower let us know and we'll act as middle men.
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