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Ugly Home Causing Ruckus

(Photo courtesy of LA Times)

Publishing tycoon Duane Hagadone's monstrosity of an (illegally built) home in Palm Desert has neighbors and city officials justifiably unhappy. "A wayward space station parked amid the picturesque foothills" is how the LA Times describes the 64,000 square foot estate. Looks like Cuisinart innards, Curbed says.

Hagadone's renovations, notably to the "home's rock walls and changes to the 'Batman's ears,' as some referred to the stonework around the office" have done little to appease neighbors, who still get quite a high-wattage view at night. Guy Dreier is the architect in case you'd like a Hagadone of your own. Bonus: Don't miss the LA Times' dry-captioned slideshow.
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