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Jack Weiss Teams With Bird To Save Neighborhood

Somewhere in LaLa Land a homeowner is forever grateful to Councilman and Curbed patron-saint Jack Weiss, who came to the rescue of an endangered neighborhood using his astounding ability to communicate with birds. Earlier this week, said homeowner emailed us with news of impending disaster in his hood. "

After reading your site for some time now, I found myself on the 10th floor of LA City Hall fighting the further bunkerization of the Hollywood Hills. I live in Doheny Estates, and passing that gigantic parking on lower Doheny that you always talk about has taken its toll on my sanity. Anyway.....It seems that the hillside behind my house that is home to all the birds that create the "Bird Streets" is about to be dredged, cemented and subdivided for three monstorious 10,000 square foot cliff-hangers that will make that parking lot look like a Weho pied-a-terre. Since several [landslides] have happened on the site, I never actually thought someone would want to build on the property. Although I felt sorry for my local birds and the fact that my swimming pool will now be open for viewing from the bunkers, I felt even worse for the residents of Sunset Plaza. It seems the site could never be developed because Wonderland Avenue was too narrow for dredging machinery and construction vehicles. But it turns out the developer worked a deal with a crafty homeowner at the end of Sunset Plaza to use his private-cliffhanger easement..... meaning that all the dirt, construction material and inevitably leaky concrete trucks are on their way to Sunset Plaza if the city council approves the new subdivision on Wednesday.

Although I am not a fan of Jack Weiss, I am praying he sees the errors of his past ways and puts a stop to this type of bunker building."

We waited in nervous anticipation to see what would happen. Little did we know that Jack Weiss' unique birding skills would come into play.
Today, we received the conclusion update, leaving yet another satisfied west side resident.

"Jack Weiss for President!!!!! His office came out against this concrete-bunker development and it turns out the site is home to a rare Red-Tail Hawk that is protected under the Migratory Birds Act of 1918. "It's exactly what we don't want in the hillside community" said a pretty Jack Weiss assistant clerk.?Viva Weiss!


Sunset Plaza

8623 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069