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Dirty Dealings Downtown?

One of our moles living under a freeway near downtown passed on this story: "A real estate agent I know called the sales office at the Chapman Lofts and asked if they were cooperating/paying agents. They said yes. The agent took her clients in and sold them on the building.

The sales person at the building told them the first day they could buy the unit was in June. On that day if they entered into a contract they would get a $10,000 credit. But if they don't cooperate on that day--and if they use their agent--they won't get the credit. The buyer is forced to give up their fiduciary in order to get the 10k. The agent gets nothing for selling their client on the project. Nasty!" Hmm. Nasty? Or smart Chapman agent? Either way, who doesn't love a dirty downtown ruckus!
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