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Razing Echo Park

Metroblogging Los Angeles is reporting of plans to demolish more than 50 Echo Park homes to build a 875-seat school. The razing is set to happen at "Site 9A," a stretch along Sunset and Alvardo (near Lucy's Laudromat & Starbucks). Against the plan: the Echo Park Historical Society, which claims the school board blindly approved the new site, despite the fact that elementary schools in Echo Park are losing students. Also, Alvardo Street is a dangerous, busy corridor for children to be walking along, argues EPHS. Curbed Crush Eric Garcetti is also against the proposed school site, given the number of residents who will be displaced. Counterpoint, Echo Park School District? Anyone feeling fired up one way or the other can attend Thursday's meeting at 6 p.m. at Rosemont Elementary.
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