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3670 Wilshire Redesign?

As we reported previously, the 3670 Wilshire project web site has seemingly disappeared from the internets leaving us all to wonder if the project has withered and died before our very eyes. Now a reader sends us linkage that may show a new version of the 3670 Wilshire project - this one covered in shiny green glass and odd angles. The story is written in Korean, which unfortunately we never learned thanks to our piss poor public school education. However, from the characters we can read we get these interesting words: "Shinyoung 3670 LLC"; "Managing member"; "2010", "2,700", "40", "378" and "LA". By utilizing our finest language skills, we can determine, Shinyoung 3670, LLC is the developer, some Korean guy is the managing member, the project will open in 2010, it will have 40 floors, 378 units, be located in LA, and will have 2,700 monkey servants. If any Koreans in the audience can clarify, we would appreciate it.
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