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3670 Wilshire Article translation

While the GoogleTranslator tries its best to make even less sense than us ("(Week) shoes zero, [wil] is entangled 40 layer prismatic composition newly building plan `shot sourly,'"), we get an actual Korean person to email us with a helpful translation and summary of what that article says.

"Attached is a summary of the article (FYI- it is an Editorial): Shinyoung3670 LLC is a project name consisting of Korea-based Shin young and Koreatown based Millennium Development. The 3670 Wilshire is being developed as a 40 story mixed-use project with 378 units ranging from $1M - $1.5M. The article outlines partnership disputes between the two firms; the crux of the article suggests that Millennium development (The managing member) took advantage of Shin young's lack of knowledge in the US (Shin young is one of Korea's largest development firms and this project is Shin young's first project in the United States) when they initially formed the partnership. The project is slated to become a landmark tower in Koreatown and will benchmark luxury condo projects in Beverly Hills and Dubai. Shin young originally planned to pre-sale a large number of the units in Korea, however, a large number of people are skeptical of their ability to sell $1M+ units in Koreatown. The results of this project are yet to be seen-both on the issues of pre-sale as well as with the project's partnership."

Thank you for this excellent summary.
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