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CA: We Kick Every State's Ass For Renewable Energy

SustainLane has just released its list of the Top Ten Cities for using renewable energy sources, and not surprisingly, California is whooping ass and taking names. But it's not Los Angeles leading the way. In fact, of all the cities based in California that made the top ten, LA is ranked last, at number 7. Instead, Oakland is number one. And Northern California continues to dominate with SF, San Jose and Sacramento tying for second place. The rankings are as follows:
1. Oakland, CA (17%)
2. Sacramento/SF/San Jose, CA (12%)*
3. Portland, OR (10%)
4. Boston, MA (8.6%)
5. San Diego, CA (8%)
6. Austin, TX (6%)
7. Los Angeles, CA (5%)
8. Minneapolis, MN (4.5%)
9. Seattle, WA (3.5%)
10. Chicago, IL (2.5%)
Source: SustainLane US City Rankings data 2006/2007

The rankings are determined by the percentage of each city’s electricity that comes from renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal, and small-scale hydro energy. And its no coincidence that our state ranks high. We require it with the "Renewable Portfolio Standard, which set minimal requirements in 2002 for utility purchases of renewable energy for the state’s electric grid. That standard requires a 20 percent renewable energy total for the state’s utilities by 2020." Which gives us a leg up if the federal or state governments develop new regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing renewable energy standards. We're way ahead of you already, Uncle Sam. Let's hope that leads to a tax advantage.
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