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Rumblings & Bumblings: Because it's Tuesday

For those of you new to Curbed, new to R&B, or new to America, this is how this weekly activity operates. We post questions submitted by actual readers on Tuesday. The collective wisdom of commenters, emailers, and editors (we rarely know anything) are combined to form answers on Thursday. If you care to participate you are welcome to email us at or post in the comments. Consider that your FAQ.

[image of Glass Tower via the kids at the SkyscraperCity Forum]

1) Pico-Union: We're not sure on the neighborhood name but the location is clear. "on alvarado, somewhere around olympic, is a lot with two big homes that were clearly moved from another location. where did they come from and why? i remember there were some houses that were moved from k-town a while back, and these have korean writing on them. are they the same?"

2) North Hollywood: Unfinished business in NoHo. "Any idea what's going on with the huge apartment complex that's across the street from the Lankershim red line station? They were going up like gang busters, but have been sitting there with no obvious progress for at least two months."

3) Downtown: A curious emailer gets snippy with us when we don't answer emails and don't talk about the Glass Tower. Woo-hoo, the Glass Tower. Let's talk about it! "Are you ever gonna talk about "the Glass tower" that is going to be put up downtown by the Kalantari group?? I hear about it all the time and was curious why it has never been on your site."

Responses on Thursday. Poems about the Glass Tower are also welcome.