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Ugly Building Contest Entry Roundup

THREE HOURS TO GO. At 3pm today we will post the winner of our exciting Ugly Building Contest. Our announcement will coincide with our fun little interview with DnA on KCRW. In the meantime, we'll try to get as many of the remaining entries up for your enjoyment.

340 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
READER SUBMITTAL: “I submit the KFC on Western Ave. at Oakwood. Strangest clown building. I just stop and stare for minutes on end. Found this review online, which I think really captures it better than I could [via Yelp]:

Why the hell am I reviewing KFC? Oh yeah, cuz this place is great for all the wrong reasons. It's a funked out bendy-tower shaped building that has limited seating on the bottom floor, decent seating up top but the kicker is the large deck/balcony outside. I don't know the backstory but this building clearly used to be something else, the tenants probably left and then it became KFC. It's a little urban oasis for me, whenever I want to go eat a steaming pile of mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and crispy fried chicken, without waiting in a line like Roscoe's or hauling ass to Dinah's, I come here. It's not open late, which is probably good because of the Jesus freak who goes on the corner dancing and hollering with more energy than a Tony Little infomercial, but it's one of those oddities in Los Angeles that makes it worth a visit.”

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