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CurbedWire: More Brits and Stores

[image of Tesco Lager from Tramp Juice]

LOS ANGELES METRO - Tesco is high on LA, reports Reuters and our Inbox, and already has a secret location. Via Reuters: "The much-anticipated launch of Tesco's "Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market" in the second half of this year is so secretive its test store was built inside a California warehouse and curious onlookers were told it was a Hollywood movie set." And from the inbox we see this: "UNION leaders in the US are trying to stir up opposition against Tesco's imminent arrival stateside - by handing out leaflets which appear to claim the retailer promotes underage drinking." The goal is to get idiots to write in to the Alcohol licensing people requesting rejection of Tesco's liquor licenses. [CurbedWire Inbox/ Scotsman/ Reuters]

HOLLYWOOD HILLS - In maybe our first parking + UK celebrity + Joe Pesci story, the newsfeeds report that Joe Pesci went wild with a golf club after guests of next door neighbor Robbie Williams blocked his driveway. Fametastic reports: "After finding out he was blocked in, Joe stormed around to Hollywood Hills neighbour Robbie’s home waving a golf club, shouting: “Which one of you motherf***ers blocked my drive? If you don’t move in 30 seconds, I’m gonna smash your windscreen!” [Fametastic]

MID-CITY - Neighborhood do-gooder and frequent Curbed commenter Miss Teresa takes note of development news at Wilshire and LaBrea, which updates a previous question from last week's R&B. "I just got an early notification on the Wilshire La Brea project (the NE southeast corner). An EIR is due to be published sometime soon. (ENV 2007-1604-EIR). I got the following info from ZIMAS: The developer purchased the entire block of La Brea from Wilshire to 7th. He also bought the entire block of Sycamore from Wilshire to 7th. The total sale price was $21,000,000.

Because the La Brea side is in the Miracle Mile Community Design Overlay zone, the development has some limitations. The project has to go through design review." [CurbedWire Inbox]