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Ugliest Building Wrap Up. H&H WINNER

Sorry for our slur against tourists in capri pants. We think... you... umm, look.... ummm... hot. But now, we hear from our winner Meredith Hammon.

I never thought I would win when I saw that the downtown Macy's building was submitted. I'm just glad to know that other people share in my disbelief that H&H is such a celebrated place. I never meant to take aim at a landmark that may be close to someone's heart, but when I had the chance, I couldn't resist putting the idea out there. Anyway. Thanks. Thanks Judges & Curbed.LA. I love the blog...keep up the good work.

Thank you Meredith. You will hold a special place in our hearts. And thank you to our judges who stuck with us, despite sleepless nights wondering if they would be forever tied to this horrific contest - Mr. Ryan Losanjealous, Ms. Alissa Walker, Mr. Lorcan O'Herlihy, and Mr. Christopher Hawthorne. And a special thank you to Frances Anderton of KCRW's DnA for speaking with us and having a brilliant sense of humor. And also a thank you to the readers that participated or wanted to participate. We'd be nothing without our readers who we constantly mine for content, opinions and humor. Group hug.