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Very Vague Confirmation: Taschen To Open In the Grove

[Image by flickr user jetsetcd]

We've spent a good part of today trashing a bad mall. Let's focus for a moment on one we begrudgingly like (for 11 months of the year. We don't go within 5 blocks of it during December). A few days ago, commenter "anonymous" mentioned that art book publisher Taschen is opening up shop at the Grove/Farmer's Market "into the space where that old Farmer's Market historical stuff was kept, at the end of the trolley ride near the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf." After we felt the harsh sting of criticism levelled at us from last week's R&B, we decided to dig in and find out a little more. Or at least, that was our intention. What we got is a very vague confirmation from Taschen without very much detail: "Yes, it is true that we will be opening a TASCHEN Store at The Grove. The details are not finalized yet as far as opening date, architects, etc. The Beverly Hills store will stay open. I'm sorry to be so cryptic, but I don't have a lot of information as of yet." So no word yet on whether Phillip Starck will design this one as well, but Taschen makes a nice addition to the Grove's latest upscale boutiques, including the recent Barneys Co-op and Fresh.