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Ugly Building Contest Entry Roundup

Don't forget. Results of our months long contest tomorrow around 3pm. Our announcement will coincide with our fun little interview with DnA on KCRW.

1218 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
READER SUBMITTAL: “I first noticed this building many years ago and thought, "Wow! That's the ugliest building I've ever seen." It looks even worse "in person". It's on the south side of Sunset, just leaving Echo Park/Silverlake and entering downtown. With it's high outdoor stairs and walkways, it always reminded me of a Escher drawing, in a bad way. I believe that between the ugly wall in the foreground and the ugly building lies an ugly parking lot. There's absolutely no vegetation around this building, which makes it even more hideous. Absolutely depressing. I'm not even sure if this photo does it justice. How can anyone build something like this?”
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