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Ugly Building Contest Entry Roundup

Don't forget. Results of our months long contest tomorrow around 3pm. Our announcement will coincide with our fun little interview with DnA on KCRW.

3810 N. Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90065
READER SUBMITTAL: “Eagle Rock Public Storage Building, at Eagle Rock Blvd. & Verdugo. This building was painted this way due to complaints about the original building color, which I don't even remember now. Note the thing that looks like a giant crack running horizontally dividing the blue shades and orange shades. It's made up of shiny mosaic tiles, which you can't tell in the picture. It shimmers like fresh vomit. There are also some sort of metal circle-y things that jut out from the building and make it look even more like a crackhead's art project. You can't even see them in this picture. The building itself blocks a beautiful view of Mount Washington.”
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