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Casting Office and Steamboat Building Farewell

A reader gives us the latest photos and updates on the former landmarks of Cahuenga Pass: the Steamboat Building, the Casting Office, and other funny sounding establishments. In short, there isn't too much less even if businesses are still open:

over the weekend, i took some shots of the center. the entire center is being gutted and has been vacated -- except for the pitiful "nicely's cafe" in the center of the project. the rest of the entire center has been cordoned off with chain-link fence, allowing only a few parking spaces directly in front of "nicely's." if i recall correctly, "the casting office" was to the immediate left of "nicely's." clearly, "nicely's" lease has yet to expire, as the rest of the center is under full-blown construction. one has to
assume that they'll be out of there soon. unless you're really paying attention, it's not exactly apparent that they're still in business. i'm sure their regular customers (if any) are still dropping in, but to anyone else, the whole place looks like a war zone.

sorry i don't have better pics of the former "steamboat building" (clad in black paper at the right of the project). there were no convenient parking spaces up that far, as i was driving past.
but it has a lot of windows (which wrap around the corner on the very end of the bldg.), as well as a new, cememt patio. lots of people are hoping for a starbuck's there...

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