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Whole Foods, Whole City

One of the Curbed readers recently asked about this proposed Whole Foods store that appears on the "Stores in Development" web site:
Los Angeles
Whole Foods Market
Los Angeles, CA
48,000 sq. ft.
Opening date to be announced

Donde esta this mysterious LA store? UPDATE AGAIN, JEEZUM: It isn't this one here as we thought. We don't know where it's going to be. Whole Foods PR promises to tell us. But another store we know about: On April 26th, a 65,000 square foot store will open at 760 S. Sepulveda Blvd in El Segundo. From the press release, here are some of the highlights of the store. Nothing indulgent. Just your basic foodstuffs.

Butter bar with hand crafted flavored butters made daily
Churrascharia featuring South American rotisserie style meats
Fresh donuts made by the hour
Tortilla machine making fresh corn and flour tortillas
Chocolate island with more than 50 chocolate choices and white and dark chocolate fountains
· Stores in Development [Whole Foods]