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Say Hello To My Little Friend: The LA Conservancy

One of the best reasons to join the LA Conservancy (other than the chance to hang out with Diane Keaton and Ben Stiller) is its Last Remaining Seats program during the summer. And its baaaack...Tickets went on sale today to the general public (after giving members a week's head start) for this summer's lineup, which includes North by Northwest, Roman Holiday and Scarface, among others. All of the films are presented in historic theaters, mostly downtown, such as the Los Angeles Theater, the Orpheum, but even Glendale sneaks in there with the Alex Theater. Tickets are $18 for non-members, $15 for members and there are group discounts available.

UPDATE: A reader informs us the Scarface the Conservancy is showing is actually the 1932 Howard Hawks version, not the 1983 Brian de Palma version. However, we really like the image of Al Pacino on the balcony, so we have no intention of changing it, even if that's not one of the movies screened, since its basically the last time we were able to stomach a Pacino performance. Hoo-ah!
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