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EaterTastings: Not a Single Pinkberry Mention!

We were so preoccupied with answering R&B, and shadowing co-editor Josh to KCRW and eating leftover Peeps, we are a bit late today with our Eater Tastings. So onto the good, the bad, and the Batali in LA dining. Construction on Osteria Mozza pictured above.

1) Mozza in May! Looks like the second half of the Batali/Silverton collaboration Osteria Mozza will make its projected May opening, and is now hiring FOH staff.

2) The last time we spotted Adrian Grenier near food we witnessed some furtive, manorexic behavior in his Prius. It seems he's gotten over his fear of eating in public, opting for the patio at Alcove. And does Courtney Cox ever eat anywhere other than Il Sole? They should be paying her at this point.

3) Publicists Beware! Chowhound will not tolerate your kind around these here parts.

4) Eat out, fight AIDS. Its that easy.

5) We know it hasn't exactly felt like spring this week, but that's not going to be prevent Blue Velvet, Cha Cha Cha and others from opening up their patios this week. Just sit by the fire pit and keep drinking. You'll never even notice the cold.