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CurbedWire: Lil' Tokyo Rising

BEVERLYGROVE - A frequent reader emails in a two-fer. One update and one question. "1. Pinkberry is coming to the Farmers Market. 2. Who made Pete mad?" Seriously, where's Pete??

LITTLE TOKYO - Ground broken on Related's Little Tokyo project? Last week we saw half the parking lot was fenced off, so this may be true. "There are unconfirmed reports that Related's Block 8 project in Little Tokyo has broken ground. I'll withhold my giddiness until I can get home this evening and check it out. FYI. According to the Downtown News, two of the four parcels that make up the block (also home to the new Teramachi Senior Housing complex) were sold off by Related Cos., and it's the Related parcels that are going forward now (the other two are pending). I don't know if they are on the north or south portion of the large surface lot that currently exists there."